The Alicante coast is always synonymous with investment for our time and our vacations. Spring begins, and little by little we are starting to enter in the summer period, one of the best missed seasons by society. The increase of sunny days, the decrease of precipitations and hot temperatures put together the perfect ecosystem for your holydays.

Nowadays, we are living in a world which doesn’t stop for a moment, and holyday periods are even more important. Therefore, the ‘Costa Blanca’, with a 230 km. path full of different beaches, natural parks and hiking routes, make it the more demanded option by national and foreign tourists.

The versatile ‘Costa Blanca’ being an icon for travelers is not a surprise for anyone. It can be home for all the needs required in this type of location: hot temperatures, lots of activities and a summer environment. From people who are looking for a residential place to stay calm and enjoy a calm walk by the shore, to tourists that are searching the benefits of the Mediterranean areas of Alicante shore, which has towns like Benidorm, Altea or Jávea to delight yourself.

Coveted and very well-known residential areas as the one located in the ‘Deheesa de Campoamor’, placed in the south of Alicante, being famous by its ‘Aguamarina’ beach, which has 500 m. long and a white and fine sand. This one is located inside the natural stop of ‘Sierra Escalona’.


In addition, you can also carry out different routes to enjoy landscapes like the ‘Peñón d’Ifach’ in Calpe (a marvelous journey which goes through the rock by a tunnel and lead us to a 300 m. high ascent where you can behold the amazing views of Calpe and the Mediterranean shore).

Anyway, we all need our relaxing moment; to explore new places and cultures; to leave our comfort zone in order to make from our memories great experiences we won’t forget. From SpainEstate, we have offered these moments to people who trusted on us for more than 25 years. We have always been characterized by our ability to fit to people and search what they are looking for. From brand new homes to get the most out of it, to rents at any time of the year

As we have analyzed before, in the actual world, time is as precious as brief. Every person objective is to get the best out of their time. We only need to provide the tools you require, because if you invest in your free time, you save up in your life.

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