The progression of de-climbing in Spain is progressing adequately and sustainably. In addition, increasingly, statistics indicate that we can enjoy the summer. One of the most recurring doubts is what the beaches will be like on the Costa Blanca this 2020. It is true that there will be a series of rules and prevention measures which we must carry out to stay on the beach in a safe way. We have left behind the worst days and data of the coronavirus in Spain. But you do not have to let your guard down, since a wrong step could mean an unwanted regrowth by everyone. Thus, each movement now has rules to meet. From the mandatory face masks on the street where social distance cannot be guaranteed, through the reduction of diners in bars and restaurants.

On the beaches there will be informants who will indicate how the sand must be occupied to maintain social distance, police so that no one is tempted to skip the rules and control capacity, it may even be necessary to establish shifts. The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón explained that “capacity control is the key, the separation between bathers by means of signs, as well as access to the beach.” The apps will play a very important role, however, the mayor is sure that he will have to hire more staff to ensure that the regulations finally imposed by Health are met and demands that they be issued as soon as possible.

Torrevieja will do a trial when it enters phase 2, it will be the first test of how the beaches can be opened while waiting for inter-provincial mobility to be allowed. “We will have enough capacity.” He also wanted to point out the common and essential measures by everyone who wants to access the beaches:

A series of rules have been developed to know the use and how to enjoy the beaches in 2020:

• Limited capacity, interpersonal distance

• Maintain the safety distance between umbrellas, in the water and belongings within your space

• Do not form groups of more than 15 people

• Leave a minimum of 6 meters free in front of the water (in front of the shore)

• It is mandatory to wear footwear, flip flops on the catwalks

• Periodic disinfection work will be carried out on litter bins and toilets.

A different summer is coming, but it will be a summer after all. That moment so longed for by all to be able to recharge the batteries and spend a season of relaxation. On the other hand, if you do not generate too much confidence traveling to the coast this vacation for everything related to the Covid-19 you can read our publication about five factors why it will be safe to travel to the Coast, where we explain why The use of beaches and swimming pools will be safe.

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