Ibero Homes is a solid and professional real estate agency located in the areas of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, adapted to the international market. They have clients in many countries and specialize in a variety of properties including resale, new build, commercial and rental properties. Ibero Homes is characterized by a commitment to excellence, high turnover and the ability to sell quickly.



Ibero Homes offers real estate solutions covering different areas such as La Mata, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa (Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Punta Prima, Cabo Roig, Agua Marina, La Regia Roigillaam, Rocia Roig Marche, Los Do Los Dolses, Los Altos, Florida).

Experience and know-how

Founded in 1990 and now in its second generation, Ibero Homes is recognized for its history and technical expertise. Known for their passion, the team is dedicated to helping clients find their perfect Costa Blanca home in a professional and honest manner.

Diverse portfolio of properties

Ibero Homes has a wide range of properties including new builds, older homes such as villas with sea views, luxury apartments, townhouses, as well as duplexes and apartments. The organization provides support to buyers and tenants and offers short term rentals and holiday rentals in Orihuela Costa.

Real Estate Transactions

Through Ibero Homes, buyers can explore a variety of real estate opportunities, including hotels, apartments and gas stations. The organization provides comprehensive support for the management of these funds.

Selling your property

For those considering selling their property in Orihuela Costa or Torrevieja, Ibero Homes is positioned as the real estate agency of reference. The agency offers free property valuations and presents professional business plans to facilitate the quick sale of properties.

Global reach

Leveraging its commercial network of agents both nationally and internationally, including France, Norway, Belgium and Russia, Ibero Homes effectively connects sellers with potential buyers interested in properties on the Costa Blanca.

After Sales Support

Ibero Homes extends its commitment beyond the sale, offering after-sales support to solve any problems and facilitate modifications or renovations as needed.

In the real estate world, Ibero Homes stands out as a reliable and experienced partner dedicated to providing exceptional service. Whether clients are buying, selling or investing, Ibero Homes is committed to ensuring a smooth, efficient and successful real estate journey on the Costa Blanca. Choose Ibero Homes for a seamless and professional real estate experience.


The advantages of choosing Ibero Homes as your real estate agent on the Costa Blanca

Working with a professional real estate agent is a strategic decision that can significantly improve your experience and results when navigating the dynamic Costa Blanca real estate market. Ibero Homes offers many benefits to its clients, ensuring that the process is smooth and efficient.


Local Specialties

Ibero Homes have many social specialties. Their team has in-depth knowledge of the Costa Blanca region, including local characteristics, market conditions and the legal complexities involved in real estate transactions.

Diverse portfolio of properties

As a leading real estate agency, Ibero Homes offers a wide range of properties, from beautiful historic homes to new developments. Its comprehensive menu caters to all tastes and budgets, ensuring that clients find the perfect place.

Communication Skills

Ibero Homes is comprised of knowledgeable agents and excellent negotiators. They use their experience to attract the best clients, whether they are buying, selling or acquiring a home on the Costa Blanca.

Save time and effort

Navigating the real estate market can be time consuming and stressful. Ibero Homes supports this process, saving clients time and effort.

Its agents handle the complexities of real estate transactions, allowing buyers to focus on their preferences.

Market information and trends

When making real estate decisions, it is important to consider the latest market information and trends. Ibero Homes keeps clients informed of the latest market trends, helping them make decisions that best suit their objectives.

After-sales support

The warranty does not end with the sale. Ibero Homes provides after-sales support to help customers resolve after-sales issues. Whether it’s a trade-in, renovation or refurbishment, their team is ready to guide you through the transition to your new home.

Choosing Ibero Homes as your real estate agency on the Costa Blanca is sure to be the best and most pleasant experience. Let their experience guide you to find your dream home or the perfect investment in this beautiful community.

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